Monday, 5 November 2012

Aussie Christmas Swag

Well the Christmas season is fast approaching us, which means I will be changing my home décor to the festive season decorations. I designed this because I was taking a family holiday to Canada and I wanted to take a gift to friends as I was staying in their homes. So when I went looking for a Christmas themed wall hanging pattern there wasn’t anything I wanted. I wanted a more Australian theme to my Christmas wall hanging, so I went home and got busy designing my own. It was so much fun that I have since made 4 of these for presents. These make really cute gifts as you can break them up into individual pieces and give them as small little wall hangings by themselves. Great teacher presents for the end of the school year!
Completed each piece measures 25cm x 28cm (10” x 11”)

My lovely little Aussie Christmas Swag was recently published in Country Threads Vol 13 No 6, which was really exciting for me. This is what they had to say about my humble little design, “This terrific swag designed by Julie Boyle is not only perfect for Aussie Christmases, it’s also ideal for sending to friends and family overseas!”
The have done a great job of setting out my pattern in an easy to read instructions with a really chic photo of one of my completed Aussie Christmas Swag.

You can purchase this pattern from my website here. Or grab a copy of the magazine at your local newsagency!

All patterns are reversed and ready to trace. You can use an applique mat with this pattern. I have been using an applique mat for years, which I find makes getting the placement much easier.

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